March 23, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I am here to discuss the future of the Ministry. After this last Midnight Apparition, people should continue to flock to the property expecting the unexpected. On the dates when we had Midnight Apparitions in the past, Heaven will impart the Complete Blessing of the United Hearts upon those who gather to pray the rosary in the Field of Victory as before. This does not mean it will be announced, but at some point the Blessing will be imparted. On these occasions there may be a Message or an Apparition, but this is not Mine to say.”

“There will be other occasions when I will direct My messenger to announce a Public Apparition, but you will not have weeks to prepare as in the past. Sometimes there may be just hours. That is why I tell you – expect the unexpected.”

“The Apparitions on Mondays and Fridays will continue, and also St. Joseph will continue to come on Family Night.* But I hold in My Heart no promise of how long this will continue either.”

“Be happy that you were chosen to live during these times and to experience the graces offered here.”

“Dear children, I love you.”

* Family Night is the First Sunday of each month.