November 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations
Our Lady of Guadalupe

(The following message was given multiple parts)

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her Heart is exposed. She says: “I come in praise of Jesus, My Son. Please thank My children for coming here today and praying with Me. Let us pray now for all intentions in hearts and for those who pursue the path of holiness.” We prayed.

“Today I ask that you continue to pray for those who do not understand My coming to you. These are the ones whose eyes are closed to the signs of My Son's Triumphant Return. It is as though these complacent ones are watching a sunset but refuse to believe that nightime follows.”

“Today evil is glamorized and righteousness held in contempt. But I come to you to reconcile all nations and peoples through Holy Love — the only just barometer and scale of justice.”

“The docile soul will not find My call arduous. The proud soul will dispute the path, the way, and the call.”

“I come to reveal to you these times in which you live — these apocalyptic times — the last days before My Son returns. The Spirit of Justice will engulf the world before My Son's coming. You must be ready and with certainty have hearts full of Holy Love and hands full of good deeds. Therefore, you must understand I do not come for your curiosity, but for your welfare. I want you to stand prepared when the angel sounds his trumpet.”

“Dear children, do not follow the dictates of the leaders of your country when they oppose God's Law. Because these certain people sit in high places does not mean they are above the Commandments — the greatest of which is Holy Love. Pray rather for your leaders that they choose the path of righteousness. Do not compromise your faith because many do. Remain loyal to the Holy Father. God's Scorn will fall upon those who choose the popular path instead of the narrow gate.”

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother. His Heart is exposed.

“My dear apostles, surrender to Me your hearts that I may enwrap them in Holy Love. Thus, I will present them to the Heart of My Divine Son and the Victory of Our United Hearts will begin in you. Today we extend to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”