April 7, 2012
Holy Saturday
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have imprinted on your heart My greatest Sorrow – the most excruciating Wound of My Heart through the ages. Today it is more painful than ever. It is mankind's blasphemy of the Truth. This denial of the Truth is the seed of all evil and the root of all sin.”

“Every sin transgresses Holy Love which is Truth Itself, and the embodiment of all the Commandments. Remember that Satan is the father of all lies. He convinces souls that evil is good – Truth is untruth. I hold accountable those that do not seek out the Truth, and those who deny the Truth to suit their own selfish purposes.”

“Today this Mission reflects the pain of My Most Sacred Heart as it is blasphemed for every inconceivable reason. Those who persist in error find no favor with Me, but are responsible for the souls they lead astray and the prayers left unsaid. Be humble enough to search out the Truth.”

“I was crucified because souls did not recognize Truth in their midst. Do not continue to crucify Me for the same reason today.”