April 11, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“These days hearts have become increasingly insensitive as to the daily events taking place in the world. I speak specifically of natural disasters, terrorism, increased violence and moral degeneration, to name a few. These are not viewed as God's mounting Wrath but as just happenstance.”

“The Truth has taken a back seat to Satan's compromise. Every sin compromises the Truth of Holy Love, and weakens the bridge between free will and the Divine Will of God.”

“Dear children, if you believe in Heaven's efforts here to call you to personal holiness, then you must help Me by spreading these Messages and by your prayers and sacrifices. It is by your efforts the Wrath of God can be turned away.”

“I come to you to give you purpose in every present moment. What you hold in your heart in any given moment affects the entire world, for what is in your heart is in the world around you. Be a positive force bringing Nineveh to its knees. Unleash the Power of God by asking for it. Do not let Satan make you believe you are powerless to precipitate change.”

“Today this is My call to arms. Your greatest weapon is the belief that God will listen to you.”