April 18, 2012
St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“One error, which is most important to take note of and to correct these days, is that mankind has come to depend too much on himself instead of God. This is why, in times ahead, God will permit events to take place in the world which, consequently, will force humanity to turn to God for very basic needs.”

“But, to those who learn to trust now in every little thing, trust in greater things will not be so daunting a task. You must come to know and love the Heart of God, for He is so ready to be united with all mankind. With a loving heart, love God's Will for you – knowing He only chooses the best for you and the needs of your salvation. It is through God's Divine Will He chooses union with man, and man must choose union with God. This is the way to peace in every trial.”