April 23, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, dear children, I invite you to place your trust always in Divine Mercy and Divine Love, for this is the way out of every situation. This is the way to recognize God's Will for you.”

“The heart of the world has taken an errant path, depending upon human intelligencia and human effort. This will be all too apparent in future days. God has given you every type of technology towards improving the human condition; but evil has influenced many towards convoluting knowledge for its own purpose and end.”

“Every event is interconnected, be it science, technology, human relationships, even nature itself. All of these fit under the umbrella of God's Divine Will. When what God gives you for good is misused towards evil, God permits natural disasters, wars and disease. These things are never separate events, but always interwoven into the tapestry of free will and Divine Will.”

“Dear children, please understand that every present moment is a thread in this great tapestry, and every thread affects the final design. In the present moment, what you think, speak or do affects not only the state of your own soul but the state of the world at large. Each present moment for every soul carries with it the grace of salvation and even sanctification.”

“Open your hearts fully to Divine Mercy and Divine Love by accepting My words to you today.”