April 28, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Every journey has a point of departure and a destination. The spiritual journey is no different. It begins when the soul decides to depart from his old ways, and step forward in pursuit of personal holiness. His destination is the Sixth Chamber – immersion in the Will of God.”

“The soul is asked to leave behind all personal baggage such as disordered self-love, unforgiveness, lack of trust; and to carry with him only love of God (his walking stick) and love of neighbor (his sandals). These two, which are Holy Love, help the soul to skirt any obstacle, and to readily recognize the enemy where he lies in wait.”

“The problem today is souls do not see holiness as a worthy journey to pursue. If a soul cannot even desire to make this spiritual journey, he most certainly can never complete it.”

“Today I desire your prayer be that souls re-evaluate their goals in life. Any goal which opposes this spiritual journey is unworthy and at best, passing.”

“I cannot draw souls into My Immaculate Heart if they refuse to come. This is where your prayers make a difference. Prayer can influence free will, thereby influencing free will choices. This is important to remember.”