May 3, 2012
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I reiterate to you the impact of a pilgrimage to this property. If the soul comes with an open heart – not a judgmental heart – he will be given insight as to what is obstructing his ascent to perfection in Holy Love. This is a great grace and could be regarded as an illumination of conscience. What is actually happening is the soul, who comes with an open heart, is plunged into the purifying Flame of My Immaculate Heart. There is nothing to fear – everything to gain.”

“If, on the other hand, the soul presents himself on the property with an attitude of judging and testing, he will not be given this grace and will be denied much more, as well.”

“So, I am telling you today, come with an open heart – a heart full of Holy Love. Then, like Noah, you will be led to the ark of My Heart and your own heart will become an ark of the covenant of Holy
Love.” **

** On May 22, 2004, Jesus gave a Message of a prayer that He desired all who journey in pilgrimage to the prayer site, might recite prior to stepping onto the property:


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Here, child, is a prayer I desire all who journey in pilgrimage to the prayer site, recite:”

“Dear Heavenly Mother, I know you have called me to this place of Your favor for Your purpose. As I step onto the property You have chosen as Your own, help me to realize that You are inviting me into a deeper personal conversion through the revelation of the United Hearts. Help me to begin this journey by stepping into Your Heart which is Holy Love. If You, Blessed Mother, look into my heart and see that I am unprepared or unwilling to take this first step, extend Your Hand filled with grace towards me and I will take it.”

“Do not allow me, Your child, to pass up this opportunity through doubts or pride. If I came here only looking for error, take this spirit of arrogance away, dear Mother. I desire to be Yours in this present moment through Holy Love. Amen.”