May 8, 2012
Feast of Our Lady of Grace
Our Lady of Grace

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I invite each one to realize that they are called to love one another as God loves them. Imitate God's Love for you in every present moment. Be a sign of His Love in the world. Do not be overwhelmed with concerns of the day. Surrender everything to My Immaculate Heart. This is the doorway to victory.”

“A part of My Triumph is the spreading of the Flame of My Heart around the world. Before the Final Tribulation, God will allow this to take place; then every heart will be illumined; but this will be like Christ's teaching on the Sower. Some will allow their consciences to be overgrown with the weeds of doubt. Others will repent but soon return to old habits or become concerned for the opinions of those around them. There will be some, however, who will cling to the Truth. It is within these hearts My Son will build His Remnant. Be part of the Remnant now by living in the Truth.”