May 13, 2012
Mother’s Day
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“On this Mother's Day, I celebrate and console all mothers around the world. As the Mother of all mankind, I celebrate the giving of life and the nurturing of life. I console those mothers that have lost their children through abortion, disease or any other human tragedy. I console mothers of wayward children. I console, as well, those mothers who feel neglected.”

“In My role as universal Mother, I have experienced misunderstanding, indifference and neglect. Regard, however, the humility of My Heart, which continues as a conduit of grace for all humanity. It is only through God's Will that I can continue as a loving Mother to all, and that I can continue in a humble outpouring of selfless love despite the transgressions against good. May God be praised, for He alone is the Source of Humble Love.”

“Therefore, I invoke all mothers to allow their hearts and their lives to resemble humble love – always forgiving – always making allowances. In this forgiveness, you must also forgive self, as God has no memory of sins you have repentance of.”*

“Humble love leads you to trusting love in God's Will for you. Trusting love leads to peace. Be at peace, not only today, but always.”

* Catholics are reminded that forgiveness of sins requires an Act of Contrition by the penitent, followed by the sign of God's forgiveness – absolution by a priest; all within the Sacrament of Penance or Confession. God, then, has no memory of those sins confessed and repented of.