May 13, 2012
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, on the day of commemoration of My apparitions at Fatima, I have come to address the world at large. The decades that have passed since God sent Me to Fatima have not borne the good fruits of love, peace and unity which the Fatima message was intended to bear. Self has become a new god – the god of hedonism.”

“New war fronts continue to be established around the world, and none of them find resolution in Holy Love. Lives are continually lost in the battlefield of the womb. God's Commandments carry little purpose today. God's Will is disregarded.”

“You cannot become a godless country and expect to prosper. You cannot withdraw from the Will of God and be at peace.”

“My warnings at Fatima were left unheeded, and you experienced the loss of millions of lives in World War II.”

“Today I have come to ask you, My children, to pay attention to My call and do not wait for someone to approve. Do not repeat the same mistake of the generation past. Consecrate your hearts, your lives and the heart of the world to Our United Hearts.”

“The world does not comprehend God's Justice; nor does the world respect the great weapon of Holy Love. There is still time to transform hearts, lives, government and church leaders, in and through, Holy Love.”

“I have chosen each of you to hear this Message. Make it known.”