May 14, 2012
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I have come to speak to you about humble love. Unless humility is part of the Holy Love a soul professes to hold in his heart, the love in his heart is superficial. Humble love does not focus on self and how everything affects self. Humble love focuses away from self and towards others.”

“Humble love has a truthful opinion of his own limitations, strengths and weaknesses. He is never presumptuous about his capabilities. He respects the strengths of others and makes allowances for their weaknesses. Humble love is always forgiving.”

“If the soul who aspires to perfection in Holy Love is given insight into the faults of another, he prays for their triumph over these faults, and at the same time, forgives them. If it is his duty to correct another, he does so humbly – not out of self-righteousness.”

“Without the traits of humility, such as I have described to you, in the heart the soul cannot mount to perfection in Holy Love. He may fool himself, thinking he is passing quickly through the Chambers of the United Hearts, but that is Satan's lie. If humility and love are not together in the climb to holiness, self-love has become the master of the soul. This is a familiar trap the enemy lays – causing the soul to think he is far better off than he is spiritually. In truth he has been blind-sided as to his own faults and weaknesses. He may even view limitations as strengths.”

“Beware and be prudent, then, in all I have advised you about today. Every day pray for humble love.”