May 15, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“This is a list of the characteristics of spiritual pride, for this is very often the obstacle Satan places on the path of personal holiness:”


“1. The soul believes he is very holy with few virtues that need

“2. He believes his rash judgment to be discernment.”

“3. He believes any idea that he has is inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

“4. He will not consider others' opinions on spiritual matters, but
holds fast to his own.”

“5. He sees much error in others' hearts – not his own.”

“6. He takes pride in his prayer life and his sacrifices – this leads
quickly to self-righteousness.”

“7. He is not open to spiritual correction.”

“Watch out for these signals that you might fall into through Satan's trickery.”