May 21, 2012
St. Margaret of Cortona

St. Margaret of Cortona says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“The Lord desires that I return to you to speak specifically about detachment of spirit. This is a great grace and one that should be sought after and must be sought after by all. No one can be holy that does not reach for this goal of detachment. Further, I say, the more detached the soul is in this life from the world, the flesh and the devil, the deeper he is permitted to travel into the Sacred Chambers of the United Hearts.”

“Holy Love in your heart endures forever. All else is passing. How you look today – what you wear – your physical well-being – all of these change tomorrow. Why place such importance upon any of these? Do not seek after compliments. Do not try to ingratiate yourself in the eyes of others. Let all your motivations arise from Holy Love in your heart – the pure motivation which pleases God – and does not seek favor in the eyes of man.”

“When you work towards this goal, what is not important in the Eyes of God becomes less important to you. Worldly pleasures, fascinations and comforts are seen for what they are, and the Light of Truth shines through you into the world.”

“This is the way to joy and peace of heart. It comes into the heart through a spiritual surrender of all the world esteems, and an attachment to personal holiness through Holy Love.”