May 25, 2012
God The Father

I (Maureen) see a Great Flame. From It, I hear a Voice. “I am the Eternal Father – the Eternal Now. I desire people know Me and love Me, for I am the Source of All Love and All Good. I am He Who creates everything from the smallest grain of sand, to the highest mountain, to man's free will. I am the Source of Mercy that frees man from sin; that allows choices and makes My Will the Umbrella of all creation.”

“Entrust to Me the past, present and future. Console Me in the face of mankind's arrogance. I seek mankind's good, while he seeks utter destruction. So far above all are My Ways – beyond all telling.”

“It is I Who form the Revelation of the United Hearts. It is I Who brought it into the world to bring peace and harmony into the hearts of all and between mankind and God. Do not forsake My Purpose. Make this Revelation known as it is given to the world by the Source of All Truth. Do not be dissuaded from belief by who believes or disbelieves. Those are earthly standards. Believe because I ask it of you. Do not continue to search out reasons to disbelieve. You are answerable to the Eternal Now. I do not need to search your heart to know you. I formed your heart.”

“Believe now. Be consecrated to Our United Hearts. Spread this devotion.”