May 26, 2012
God The Father

Once again I (Maureen) see a Great Flame. A voice says: “I am Eternal Love – God the Father. I am All Love. Everything I create I create out of love. Every soul in the womb is My Creation of Love. It is mankind's opinions that challenge this and destroy My Handiwork.”

“Every soul I create is a Gift of My Love. Every life is a special grace with its unique talents and response to grace; but, because man destroys My Creation, the future is changed forever. Honest and truthful leadership has been destroyed. Many vocations will never be realized. Scientists will never discover cures for certain diseases as they would have, had they lived. Your natural environment has, as well, been victimized as My Protective Hand withdraws with every abortion.”

“Mankind's hope is in imitating My Love through Holy Love. Learn to recognize your actions and opinions which oppose Holy Love. Decide to please Me, as much as I desire to please you. I do not want to show My Hand of Justice. I do not want to chastise the innocent, such as you are doing when you take innocent lives in the womb.”

“Surrender your hearts to Holy Love. Listen to your Loving Father's plea. Turn your free will towards good, and not evil. No longer offend Me.”