May 29, 2012
St. Michael the Archangel


St. Michael says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“You recognize me, don't you? I am Michael, the Archangel. Jesus sends me to you, once again, as the need arises. As I am the Defender of the Truth, I must point out the paradox of what has become law in your country. On one hand, you are told you have the right to choose between life in the womb or abortion. On the other hand, you are told you do not have the right to deny anyone birth control or abortion even if it contradicts your conscience. If conscience can dictate for an abortion or birth control, why can it not dictate against the same?”

“The Truth is – your rights are being dictated and manipulated by compromised politicians.”

“Jesus desires I dictate to you a novena to begin June 26th and to end July 4th – your Independence Day. Propagate it and be united in this prayer effort.”

“Here, now, is the prayer to be prayed every day of the novena; then, I will subsequently give to you the daily prayers on my future visits:”

Prayer of the 9-day Novena for the United States of America and the Following Daily Petitions:

“Dear Jesus, allow the Truth of Holy Love to flood the heart of this nation. Place Truth in the center of every heart. Return this nation to its rightful place under the Dominion of God. Amen.”

Day 1 – “Overcome contradiction in laws concerning life.”

Day 2 – “Freedom of conscience for religious groups.”

Day 3 – “Realization of the Truth as to the path this
country's leaders are following.”

Day 4 – “Unity in prayer against any form of dictatorship.”

Day 5 – “That the path of good is well-defined against the
path of evil in all the nation's decision making.”

Day 6 – “That Satan is disarmed in his efforts to gain control
through the economy.”

Day 7 – “That sin is no longer defined as a right and supported by law.”

Day 8 – “For citizens who live in Truth to be emboldened in their power to precipitate change.”

Day 9 – “The glorious victory of Truth in those who hold the highest offices:

— President
— Supreme Court Justices
— Congressmen and Senators
— All Appointed Officials.”