May 30, 2012
St. Michael the Archangel

Daily Prayers of Novena for the United States

St. Michael says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am Michael, the Archangel. I come to you, once again, to speak, as Jesus desires, about the novena for your country. On the first day, say this prayer, and then, the prayer given for every day of the novena.”

Day 1 – “Dear Jesus, inspire the hearts of legislators to bring fairness into every law. In so doing, inspire lawmakers to remove contradiction from laws concerning life in the womb, so that no one is forced to support contraception or abortion against his free will. Do not allow religious freedom to be trampled under the feet of those who favor death in the womb. Amen.”
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Day 2 – “Dear Jesus, we ask Your protection over all religious organizations. In this country based upon freedom, do not allow anyone to feel threatened in voicing their opinions or practicing their faith. Help us to guard against reverse discrimination in which non-Christians are granted every right, but Christians are subdued. Amen.”
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Day 3 – “Dear Jesus, help the citizens of this country to realize the truth of the direction this nation is taking. Help everyone to comprehend that the government is becoming detached from the will of the people by slowly stripping away individual freedoms. Restore in hearts the proud, independent nature that this country was founded upon. Amen.”
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