June 4, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I am here to intervene in the affairs of the world, and to reconcile the heart of the world with the Divine Will of My Father. For these reasons I must speak to you about the effects of false discernment in hearts and in the world in general.”

“There is no middle ground between untruth and Truth. The soul who bases his decisions on untruth has falsely discerned the path God desires he take. Perhaps he is ill-advised or too sanctimonious to accept the Truth – believing he has all the answers. Perhaps he has not made the effort to search out the Truth. Perhaps the Truth interferes with his personal agenda.”

“The fruits of any false discernment always empower the enemy of salvation. The direct result is opposition to God's Divine Will. When the Will of My Father is thwarted, He tries a different path to approach the same goal. He offers new inspiration to direct the soul back into the Light of Truth. Always the soul is given the choice of discerning good over evil through free will.”

“Do not be amazed at the powerful opposition to this Mission, then, as I tell you these things; for this Mission calls every soul into true discernment through Holy Love.”