June 22, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“When mankind separated himself from My Father's Perfect Divine Will, which is always One with Holy Love, God permitted wars, famine, disease and natural disasters. Yet, a lesson was not learned. And when Heaven once again intervenes with this Mission calling souls into the Truth of Holy Love, the Messages and profound graces are discounted, and even scoffed at.”

“It was no different in My day. I raised people from the dead, but the powers that be, felt threatened by even this miracle.”

“If you are not moving forward in the Truth, then you are stepping backwards into the shadows of darkness. You cannot do both. Compromise of the Truth is not living in Holy Love. Not abiding in Holy Love is not obeying the Commandments.”

“During these crucial times when mankind has the capability of destroying himself and the planet on which he lives, it is vital that this life-giving Message of Holy Love consume the heart of the world.”

“Holy Love is the soothing balm that can quench the fire of pride, unforgiveness and vengeance. It is the last hope Heaven offers to a world blindsided by self-love.”