June 26, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Always, always, My Victory comes into hearts, and so, too, the world when decisions are made based upon Holy Love. It is in this way that My Father's Will comes alive in the world.”

“So you see where Satan's attacks most certainly lie; it is in weakening Holy Love in hearts in the present moment. Then the enemy of your salvation ushers in disunity, greed and distorted thinking. It is in this compromised state that souls are persuaded to surrender God-given rights and individual freedoms. Never before has freedom of conscience been so under attack – without outrage.”

“Do not cooperate with Satan's agenda with meekness and docility. Stand firm in righteousness which is always Holy Love. Speak boldly for the Truth. Let the Light of Truth shine through you and all around, revealing evil for what it is. Do not allow the enemy to remain hidden under the cloak of darkness he prefers.”

“Truth is your weapon. Truth is Holy Love.”