June 27, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to remind you that one definition of freedom is the right to choose according to your conscience. This is why I come here to form and shape consciences in Holy Love. Your freedoms can only be taken away when you willingly surrender them. This can easily happen when you place your hopes and trust behind a politician who desires total authority over you.”

“Therefore, do not be an uninformed voter. Look into the history of each candidate. Do they historically support the Constitution or do they trample it underfoot? Do they speak of unity but promote disunity by pitting one group against another? Do they have the best interests of all people in their hearts or just their own for political gain? Have they succeeded in helping their constituents or have they used laws to weaken the nation they claim to assist? Do they work openly and in Truth or are their actions hidden under the cloak of darkness, leaving everyone guessing?”

“Because Holy Love is the fulfillment of Truth – the embodiment of all the Commandments – these Messages today are meant to reshape the conscience of the world and place God in Dominion over all hearts and every nation. It is with urgency I seek the propagation of this Mission – these Messages and the consecration of every heart, including the heart of the world, to Our United Hearts.”

“Make it known.”