July 8, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I have come to help all of My dear children to realize that I invite everyone into My Heavenly Embrace here – believers and unbelievers alike. None are rejected through Holy Love.”

“My Immaculate Heart is the Refuge which calls out to the unbelievers – in particular, the skeptics and the critics of this Refuge and this Mission. Do not offend the Spirit of Truth – the Holy Spirit – by your refusal to accept the Truth of this Mission; for He is the Founder of the grace you receive here – the Messages, the miraculous healings from the Spring, even the Image – which appears off and on in the Chapel under My title ‘Refuge of Holy Love'.”

“Most especially, I call unbelievers to come here and to see for themselves – to inhale My Presence and experience their conversion of heart. Do not think yourselves to be too sophisticated, too intelligent or in any way above belief in Heaven's call here. These are Satan's persuasions. Do not believe you are bound by obedience to stay away. If this were true, I would not be here today, inviting you, calling you. Do not believe that My messenger is disobedient. You do not know the whole story. Character assassination is not of God.”

“Come to Me – your Heavenly Mother. I await you.”