August 7, 2012
St. John Vianney, Cure d'Ars and Patron of Priests


St. John Vianney says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I have come to speak to you specifically about deliverance. There is great need for this today, but not all are given this gift or are called to such a ministry. It is attractive to many through spiritual pride. Deliverance seems to carry with it the pride of being ‘in the know' and above others in the spiritual realm.”

“But, I tell you, just reading a book, hearing a talk or desiring to be in the deliverance ministry does not give you the gift of deliverance. Deliverance ministry is a gift from God. Many are thrown off track by those who claim to be deliverance ministers, but are really looking for self-importance.”

“Those who really are called to the deliverance ministry are chosen by God to help others; not to be in the spotlight themselves. They are humble, self-effacing and not looking for identity through titles.”

“Most priests have the gift of deliverance if they are living in the Truth of Holy Love. There are few lay people who really have such a gift – but there are many who think they do, and profess that they do.”

“Be wary of anyone who proclaims that he has any gift.”

“In short a deliverance ministry is more than reciting a formula prayer or placing a label of ‘Deliverance Ministry' upon yourself. It is more than intellect. It is spiritual – an interaction between human and Divine. Never presume to be more than God chooses for you. Let God decide what gifts to give you.”