August 11, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to expand upon My Message of last evening. The hour is at hand when good must unite against evil. It is certain that evil is united against good. Satan has his plans – and they are intricate – against this country, the Church and this Mission, which speaks for, and promotes the Truth.”

“The way to be victorious over darkness is to expose it to light. The way to be victorious over Satan's lies is to shed the Light of Truth upon them. Holy Humility and Holy Love need to be your barometer of Truth and righteousness. If a person is duplicitous – that is, speaks in one way but acts in another – he is Satan's tool. If a person enjoys the spotlight, honors and esteem, the same is true. My genuine tools are the humble who do not enjoy being pressed into service in the forefront. In politics they are not just politicians who will say anything towards their political gain; they are true leaders – servants of the people. Anyone who is filled with his own self-importance has cooperated with evil. Anyone in a position of authority, who believes he owns his position and does not give God the credit, is also an accessible instrument of Satan.”

“It is of great importance that each one who is in leadership – indeed, each soul – calls himself to account in regards to this Message. No one is perfectly humble or perfect in Holy Love. Do not just read what I say to you today. Look for yourself in this Message. It is only when you discover and correct your own errors that you are completely Mine.”