August 14, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I have come to address unbelievers. For the most part, your nation has chosen not to embrace these apparitions or any of the Messages. This has proven to be a costly choice. It has brought confusion and arrogance to your political system and to your laws themselves. Moral degeneration is prominent – legal. Secular laws now hold precedence over the Ten Commandments. Every sort of compromise is accepted.”

“If the citizens of this once great nation would look with the eyes of Truth at these Messages and at the bad fruits of Satan's lies, there would be no contest as to political choices. Much that God's Righteous Wrath will spend upon this country could then be reversed.”

“Once again, I am calling upon unbelievers to believe. Do not continue on your path away from the Truth. The Truth challenges you to recognize what you are choosing and how you are choosing it. Recognize your own weaknesses and unworthiness in the sight of God. Allow God and His Commandments to be the remedy – not the opposition. Seek the Refuge of the Heart of the Eternal Now by your ‘yes' to Holy Love.”