August 19, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary


Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I tell you, every grace attendant to this property comes into the world directly from the Heart of God the Father, which is pure Truth. Because every soul is called into the Heart of Truth and to live in Holy Truth, it follows every soul is called to come here.”

“Heaven does not transgress obedience to the Truth by merit of this humble invitation. Rather, dear children, each one of you is called into the Light of Truth. Do not see with the eyes of confusion, the word ‘ADMONISH' in heavy-handed dictates; for this word in Truth does not mean ‘FORBID', but is a GENTLE WARNING. I give to you today the Light of Truth. Allow this Truth to embrace your hearts.”

“Do not be intimidated by confusion. Be emboldened by the Truth.”