September 10, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I come to call all souls out of darkness into the light. Souls must participate in searching out defects in their own spiritual journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. If they fail to seek self-improvement, they will never enjoy union with My Father's Will.”

“Humble Love is the means of this soul-searching. Without Humble Love, the soul is satisfied with staying where he is spiritually. Such a one does not see any error in his own heart, though he readily sees errors in the hearts of others. The one who does not search out error in his own heart, often enjoys making himself the center of attention and any prestige that may come his way. He practices virtue for others to see. This is false virtue.”

“Humble Love does not regard everything as to how it affects himself, but is always choosing to serve others. Thus, he avoids impatience, selfish ambition or the pride of enjoying the spotlight. Such a self-effacing soul does not seek to serve self first and then God and neighbor, but always God and neighbor first.”

“The humble, loving soul readily gives compliments, drawing attention away from self, and does not readily – even in his own heart – become critical of others. The truly humble soul is never jealous, for jealousy is self-centeredness.”

“The humble, loving soul is satisfied only with pleasing God and neighbor. He desires self-knowledge and the righteousness of knowing where he stands in God's Eyes.”