September 13, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I have come to remind the public that there is a vast difference between a genuine leader and a politician. A genuine leader desires the well-being of his nation and its citizenry. He works to protect and defend everyone, and to unite the nation under just laws. In this country, a good leader defends the Constitution and would never concoct laws to oppose this Constitution or come against any one group. In the same way, a genuine leader would not be persuaded by special interest groups to redefine existing laws to favor their disordered interests.”

“The one who is just a politician does not know how to lead the nation out of crisis. He has no sound policies, but only policies which lead to more confusion and greater chaos. His political well-being is more important to him than the well-being of the citizenry.”

“Such a politician may even abuse his authority without regard for long-standing laws. He may use his authority to weaken rather than to strengthen the nation.”

“Pay attention, My brothers and sisters, to what I am telling you today. Do not be charmed by politicians. Lend support to genuine leadership.”