September 21, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, listen carefully to My advice today and apply it to many of the situations and decisions you need to make. When you have compromised leadership, it is often difficult to separate untruths, important positions and charm from the challenge of choosing the Truth. This is so in many facets of society; from public office to long standing institutions of learning and religion.”

“This is why I urge you, still again, to tirelessly search out the Truth. Do not accept hearsay. Remember, promises can be broken, laws can be broken and innocent reputations plundered, if power is in corrupt hands. History and past records prove this so.”

“You must always choose life in the womb. The fate of these innocent lives is determining the future of your planet. These days, mankind has become so sophisticated and consumed with technology, that he does not regard life in the womb as an important issue. I am telling you that it is the deciding factor in your future well-being. Do not allow compromised leadership to convince you otherwise.”

“You must try to look into the heart of every leader or potential leader to determine if Holy Love governs their thoughts, words and actions. Do not allow title or position alone to determine the Truth.”

“Dear children, this is the age of untruth disguised as Truth. Never before have you needed My words to you today as much as you need them now. Listen to Me with your hearts. Form your opinions in the Truth as I have prescribed for you today.”