December 12, 2000
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says, “All praise be to Jesus. I have come to you today vested under this title as I came hundreds of years ago, to put an end to the pagan sacrifice of human life. If your country would lead the world out of the darkness of abortion, God would bless it and show His Favor upon it. Once again your nation would regain prestige as a just and righteous nation under God – a leader to be trusted amongst all nations.”

“Partial reversal of this heinous practice of abortion is a compromise, just as a person cannot surrender part of his heart to God and give the other part over to mortal sin. Therefore, never be satisfied with half measures.”

“The wind of change is blowing across the face of the world. But like so many compromises it will not be recognized at first for what it is.”

“Did you enjoy the light show this morning at My Shrine?” [Just after midnight.]

Maureen: “Yes.”

“The celestial lights were a sign to you that I desire to illuminate every heart with the Flame of Holy Love. This little mission which was planted in your heart so many years ago is about to reach maturity.”

“My little daughter, understand how I long to fill each heart with the certainty of this message, for it is the fullness of salvation. Your mission will continue, but with renewed impetus. This message of love is the last and lasting truth the heart must embrace in order to attain salvation.”

“What grace was given last night was for believers, doubters, and unbelievers. As astounding as the celestial signs were, more astounding is the message of Holy and Divine Love. It is a lasting and enduring sign.”

“Please tell the people who come to the site today that My grace has not left them, nor has it left the property. When they are given miracles of grace, be it photographs, healings, or signs and wonders, it is a sign that My Son and I are present at this site and the message is real. Just as the statues take on human form, the message ‘comes alive' when hearts surrender to it. Make this known.”

“My dear, dear children, I have come to tell you that in you and through you I am raising up a holy remnant of faithful, a remnant nation of souls consecrated to Holy and Divine Love.”

“Yesterday I poured out My Heart upon you. Today I tell you I am taking every supplication from all your hearts to Heaven with Me, and I am blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”

Note: Our Lady also indicated to Maureen that the next time She will appear and speak to all people and all nations will be at midnight between the Feast of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart in June of 2001. Jesus, of course, will continue to give monthly messages to all people and all nations.