December 28, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My messenger, to you and through you I have opened the door to the innermost Chambers of My Heart. You must know and help others to comprehend that the only way to progress through these Chambers is through a deepening awareness of self – that is becoming aware of the flavor within your own soul contrary to Holy and Divine Love. This takes honesty and courage. If a person cannot accept that he has an area in his heart that is not perfected in love, then he cannot repair the error either.”

“Recently, My Mother told you to take the many chores you needed to do around the house little by little. After the holidays and your illness, they had piled up. She said do not attempt to get them done in one day, but to take several days and accomplish a little at a time. It is the same with a spiritual housecleaning. The areas of pride in your soul need to be overcome little by little. It is easy to feel overwhelmed if you look at all the spiritual cleansing your soul needs. But you are not cleaning the household of your soul alone. I will help you. No one becomes humble or forgiving in thought only and is genuinely humble – forgiving.”

“I have to work in the heart for true humility to take root. But just as the soul cannot accomplish this virtue alone, I cannot put humility in the heart without the soul's assistance. The soul with courage has to admit where his house needs to be cleaned, where is pride winning out. Then he and I can together conquer the pride.”

“So many are unwilling to even look for the dusty areas of their heart. It is a painful discovery to some to first realize their own imperfections. But I will sustain them if they would only be humble enough to ask. Even with My assistance, they need courage to recognize and overcome Satan who tries to convince them they are fine as is.”

“So I have come to ask you to pray for those who desire to advance into My Heart but refuse the path of spiritual cleansing.”