December 15, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“What occurred yesterday – the killing of the children and adults in Connecticut – is tragic, but it is also tragically not surprising. Your country does not mourn the millions of innocent lives lost in the womb. In fact, it encourages it. Religious leaders do not encourage Heaven's peace plan – Holy Love – they oppose it.”

“Obedience to evil is on the rise, as is disobedience to righteousness. Anything – weapons included that is used towards an evil end – is evil; but the same thing can be put to good use and to defend righteousness. The difference is what is in hearts.”

“People make choices according to the values they hold in their hearts. This has been taught here all along. These days, less and less right reason is reflected in moment to moment decisions.”

“If earth chooses to reject Holy Love, they will have rejected Christian principles. This empowers evil. This Mission is here to change the course of human events, to bring peace and harmony into the world – unity in and through Holy Love.”

“Accept Holy Love with a humble heart. Give thanks for its existence and the call to personal holiness through Holy Love. This is the path to freedom.”