January 4, 2013
St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Please comprehend that every gift God gives – every grace He bestows – can be used towards a good or an evil end. Today, the obtuse spirit that has seized the heart of the world does not perceive the difference between good and evil. This is why evil is winning over good in hearts and in the world.”

“Take, for instance, electronics, which God opened to humanity to win souls and to hasten His Victory. Much evil has been promoted through the illicit use of this gift. The intellect is persuading the use of this gift to lead souls away from God.”

“This is why propagation of these Holy Love Messages is so key to the future of the world. If choices are clothed in Holy Love, souls can still be saved and the future changed forever. This must be your incentive, then, in every present moment.”