January 26, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come today to help people understand what I mean when I say the heart of the world has become spiritually obtuse. Consciences have been dulled as to cause and consequences of their thoughts, words and actions. People, in general, do not discern good from evil. It is this one piece of the overall puzzle that reinforces evil in the heart of the world. It follows that this lack of discernment does not allow the soul to look ahead and to comprehend the evil consequences of his thoughts, words and actions.”

“There is a consequence to everything – you either build up or tear down the Kingdom of God by what you say, think or do. You are either united in Holy Love or divided by evil. There is no gray area; that is to say, you cannot compromise Holy Love without cooperating with evil. Evil bears evil fruit – evil consequences. You may not see them immediately, but these consequences are given life in the world through evil that is in hearts.”

“Trod always upon the path of unity through Holy Love. Do not be deceived to think ‘good’ intentions transform evil into good or that lies change Truth to fit personal agendas.”