July 9, 1999
Jesus Christ

“Understand as I speak to you that I am Jesus, the Word born Incarnate. My Eucharistic Heart is the center of the universe. But this Heart cannot save a single soul unless the soul surrenders to Holy Love. The degree of surrender determines the degree of sanctity. Indeed, self-abandonment is the key to salvation.”

“Souls cannot love Me or trust Me or even know Me who allow their hearts to be full of themselves. Self love is always the door Satan walks through. Self love is inordinate love of power, money, ambition, reputation, sensuality, greed – all these that are from Satan.”

“But when the soul surrenders to Holy Love, he is willing to give up everything, all his own ‘wants', for Me.”

“Such a soul has no need for recognition. Such a one despises the limelight and has no concern for reputation. He does not promote himself or his own agenda, but waits in the background to quietly do My bidding. If he accomplishes something on My behalf, He does not look for credit, but gives thanks to God. These humble souls that surrender to Holy Love are the instruments I delight to use. These are the ones that allow Holy Love to take over their hearts. They place all My needs ahead of their own.”

“These are the ones I call My own.”