February 8, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you, the spiritual journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts is My Glory in the world. It is My Victory and the salvation of souls. Of course, Satan opposes this path – this Revelation – as he does any good in the name of false righteousness.”

“Today, let us examine false righteousness. Such rash judgment refuses to explore the Truth. It is like a presumption, that because it is his opinion, the self-righteous cannot be wrong. This is the grave error that the Pharisees made. They believed in themselves and loved their own opinions more than the Truth. Furthermore, these same false righteous Pharisees condemn any who did not agree with them.”

“False righteousness is a blind path leading the soul blindly away from his own salvation. Such a one is greatly impressed with his own opinions, perhaps title or authority, to the point of disregarding any opposing opinion.”

“False righteousness uses the tongue as the thrashing floor to crush every grain of Truth. True righteousness is honest, forthcoming and open to all good. The truly righteous encourages the Spirit of Truth, looks for good, and forgives, bearing no grudges.”

“The soul cannot progress through the Chambers of Our United Hearts unless he first believes in this Revelation. Do not be tricked away from this belief by any form of false righteousness.”