February 24, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“What people these days must constantly be aware of is that there are two forces at work in the world today: the Power of the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth – and the power of darkness – the Father of Lies. Both of these spirits try to influence your every present moment. You need to remember this in every decision – great or small. It is all too easy to forget and not to recognize who is influencing you. These influences can come through other people, your leisure or entertainment, or even the opinions you form and act upon.”

“Most people acknowledge there is good and evil at work in the world today, but they do not realize the tug of war being waged over every free will decision, and they do not choose wisely. Satan tries to influence everyone in every present moment to his advantage. For him, there is no such thing as a small victory. He uses every inroad towards his final victory – the perdition of the soul.”

“You can win souls for Me by using this information, today, towards deeper personal holiness and your own spiritual purification. I wish to help each one of My little lambs to remember this Message. Fear no evil, but do not cooperate with it.”