February 28, 2013
Jesus Christ


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I invite all to understand that this Mission of Holy Love is part of My Divine Mercy. It is through My Mercy that the Remnant is being prepared and strengthened – even increased.”

“I will not forsake you. I will continue to lead and to guide you. The Truth of Holy Love will find a way around every obstacle and danger.”

“Satan tries to obscure the power of your prayers – most especially the rosary. Let devotion to the rosary encapsulate your heart. You will then be marked with a sign of predestination. The enemy will know you are Mine. Forgive everyone. Carry no grudge. This makes you a most powerful instrument in My Hands.”

“Surrender your day – everyday – to the Divine Will of My Father through Our United Hearts. Then you will be part of Our United Hearts. Then you will not fear – but trust.”