March 16, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have set My Seal upon this property and upon the foreheads of all who come here with sincere hearts. Under the protection of this Seal, souls will find their way to salvation laid clear – the way defined through these Messages of Holy Love. Iniquities long-standing will be brought to light.”

“Let Me describe to you what I call a sincere heart, for herein lies the key to the aforementioned promise. A sincere heart searches out the Truth and then acts on it. In searching out the Truth, he does not look for error with the motive of discounting what is sound. He views possible error as always able to be vanquished in some way by Truth – by reality – by facts. In this way, his heart is not looking to disbelieve, but to believe – to be open to the Truth.”

“The protection of this Seal will bring Truth to light.”

I (Maureen) ask: “What about all who have come in the past? Will this promise extend to them?”

Jesus says: “If they came with open, sincere hearts – without a bent towards discrediting or disbelieving – then, My Seal rests upon them as well.”

I ask: “What about ones who only read the Messages but, due to finances or physical problems or for some other reason, simply can’t get here?”

He smiles. “There is no time or space in Heaven – remember? I will honor their heartfelt desire to be on the property.”

“Further, I add that all who have this Spiritual Seal are placed like a Seal on My Heart.”

He smiles and leaves.