March 18, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. You hold a sound question in your heart. Ask Me.”

Maureen: “I'm wondering about this Seal you are giving people who come onto the property with sincere hearts. I'm sorry to keep bothering you; but, if anyone reads the Messages – does that mean they automatically receive the Seal?”

Jesus: “Only if, for some extenuating circumstance, they cannot make it to the site. It would be a serious problem preventing their journey here. The soul needs to make this determination himself.”

Maureen: “Tell me again about the Seal and why people should have it.”

He smiles. “First of all, they should view it as a gift from Me. It is a Spiritual Seal – not visible – but a Seal that helps them discern the state of their own soul, and also discern good from evil in the world. The only requirement is a sincere heart. I told you before that a sincere heart is a heart open to the Truth. Understand?”

Maureen: “Yes, okay. I'll pray people listen.”

He smiles and leaves.