March 22, 2013
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Jesus sends Me with this Message. Those of My children who step onto the property with sincere hearts; that is, a heart open to belief – not searching of reasons to disbelieve – will be plunged into the First Chamber of My Immaculate Heart and Its Purifying Flame, as they receive the Seal of Discernment that My Son will place upon their foreheads. This anointing is a certain sign to Satan that you belong to Me, and that you are under Jesus' charge.”

Maureen says: “Blessed Mother, may I ask a question?”

She nods – as though saying, ‘go ahead'.

Maureen: “If people come to the property, and don't have a sincere heart, can they come back again, perhaps more sincere, and receive the Seal?”

Blessed Mother: “A sincere heart is always welcome. This seal is given freely to the sincere of heart – just as the Flame of My Heart is always accessible.”