July 15, 1999
Jesus Christ

“I am Jesus, born Incarnate. I will tell you why it is good to trust in Me and to live in Holy Love in the present moment. The more you trust in Me, the more grace I pour into your heart in the present and in the future. Your trust and your love of Me cannot be separated, just as My Divine Mercy and Divine Love are inseparable. Further, what you hold in your heart directs your free will. Then if you are loving Me and trusting Me, you will not act impulsively, but await My grace to act in you and through you. What I give you then, in every present moment, is the sum total of all you need for your salvation, your holiness, and your sanctity. The more you look for My grace with the eyes of trust and love, the more you will find it.”

“How easy this sounds! How difficult to surrender to it!”

“The depth of each one's surrender in the present moment to love and trust in Me determines the worthiness of every prayer – every sacrifice in the present moment. Perhaps your sacrifice is only one of patience in the face of adversity. Come to Me in the silence of your heart, in trusting love, and I will help you. How worthy a choice! How worthy a sacrifice!”