March 26, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to speak to you about unbelievers, for these are the ones who do not regard God's Laws. These are the ones who support the legalization of sins, such as abortion and same sex marriage.”

“Unbelievers are like unripened fruit that falls from the tree and never reaches maturity. The reasons God created the unripened fruit are never realized.”

“Unbelievers are like the wind which does not seem to have an origin and changes direction, seemingly without cause. Unbelievers grab any opinion and champion any cause without the foundation of Truth.”

“Unbelievers are also the lukewarm who may believe a little but not enough to change their hearts.”

“You see why unbelievers grieve Me? It is not just that they do not believe in this apparition. It is that they believe error and not the Truth. They make all the wrong choices, which is why sin has the support of law. They do not know their own hearts.”

“I offer the Seal of Discernment to all unbelievers who come here. They must desire to accept it.”