April 3, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The more your heart resembles Holy Love, the closer you are to My Father, to Me, and the more welcome the Holy Spirit feels. This is why I tell you to rid your hearts of any grudges or unforgiveness. Not only are these an obstacle to unity but, also, to Holy Love. You cannot treat one person with Holy Love and another with contempt. To do so, makes your attempts in Holy Love false.”

“I find disunity due to unforgiveness, contemptible in the soul who claims to be living in Holy Love. Such choices show Me the soul does not live in the Truth, but has made up a compromised Truth.”

“Be united in Holy Love. Do not allow Satan to tempt you otherwise. If you have a genuine grievance with someone, bring it out into the open; do not allow it to fester in your hearts, thereby affecting your choices and your relationship with Me. Be Holy Love with a sincere heart.”