April 19, 2013
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I have come to tell you, once again, that what the human heart embraces is all-consuming. The convictions of the heart are reflected in thought, word and deed. That is, let Me reiterate, what the heart embraces spills out into the world around it. A grim reminder of this truth is the events of this past week concerning the bombings. Violence is never contained in the heart without affecting the person and his world around him.”

“This is why I preach to you the importance of embracing Holy Love in your hearts. Nothing is more important in these times when Satan rampantly tries to influence souls to commit every sort of sin, including violence. Sins against life are the most offensive to My Beloved Son. This does not only include abortion and birth control, but every type of violence which opposes the dignity of life. These sins caused My Son the deepest wounds at His Scourging.”

“I need to point out, as well, such sins begin in the heart in disordered self-love, which promotes lies of self-righteous opinions. From there, it is a short leap to taking things into the soul’s own hands, no matter the cost to others. This is the spirit of distorted thinking. Just My revealing this truth to you today angers our enemy.”

“Dear children, be much about prayer, and know I am praying with you.”