April 22, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to you seeking your welfare and a more perfect understanding of the Seal of Discernment. This Seal is the aid in helping those with a sincere heart to open to the Truth and to surrender to Holy Love. The sincere heart is genuine and looks not for errors and reasons to disbelieve, but is open to finding the Truth amidst errors which attack this Mission.”

“Those whose hearts are insincere come doubt-ridden to the site and search out false reasons to disapprove and disbelieve. Some do not even bother to come to the site, but from afar discount the reality of Heaven's efforts here. These are the ones who do not search out errors within their own hearts, but look for errors in God's Holy and Divine Love. Once again: Satan's perversion of the Truth.”

“The sincere heart craves the righteousness of Truth. It is not held captive by hidden agendas. It is not misled by pride nor does it seek to mislead anyone for any measure of self-gain. Those who oppose this Mission oppose Me.”

“The sincere heart easily accepts the Truth and surrenders to the Truth through Holy Love.”