May 5, 2013
Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love – 16th Anniversary
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

(This Message was given in multiple parts.)

Blessed Mother comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, and is bathed in a bright light. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, on My Feast Day and under the title of ‘Refuge of Holy Love’, I invite each one of you, My dear children, to claim Christ’s Victory over every aspect of your lives. Let My Jesus be King of your hearts, the very hearts He has created with so much love. Decide, today, to place Christ in the center of your hearts by accepting God’s Will for you in each moment. This is how Christ will be victorious and His Power will be made manifest.”

“The distortion of Truth is the greatest threat to your salvation and to the world as you know it. You cannot compose your own version of the Truth apart from the reality of the facts. You cannot choose your own code of ethics apart from God’s Commandments. God will not change His Commandments to please you.”

“Until mankind accepts the Creator’s Role in the formation of life in the womb by man and wife, the world teeters on the threshold of imminent danger. These dangers, God in His Majesty, could readily resolve if mankind would repent.”

“Dear children, when My Son returns, you will have peace and unity everywhere in the world. All peoples and all nations will be living in Holy Love. The New Jerusalem will be on earth. Until then, Truth will struggle towards victory in hearts and in the world. Satan will continue to use the most unlikely individuals.”

“The world desperately needs the Seal of Discernment offered here. Indeed, I am calling the world here as never before, for I desire every soul receives the gift of discerning good from evil.”

“Dear children, when you think of Me as the Refuge of Holy Love, comprehend with what love and urgency I call you into My Heart. The Flame of My Heart is Truth Itself, and with great love I wish to reveal to you what you must do to be saved. My call is urgent, for these times are perilous, and so many have been tricked into losing their way.”

“Come into My Heart, dear children, so that I can purify your hearts through Holy Love. You do not see the dangers all around you. The greatest danger is not believing in My call to you.”

“What I have to tell you now is most important. It is the Seal of Discernment that the sincere of heart receives here which disposes them to come into My Immaculate Heart – Refuge of Holy Love. The heart which is sincere – that is open to the Truth – finds himself readily within My Heart upon stepping onto the property. It is in this Refuge of Holy Love his discernment between good and evil is strengthened, and he is ever My Child of Holy Love – a Child of Truth.”

“My title – Refuge of Holy Love – is indeed a Refuge. It is the embrace of peace which most seek in the world and its passing pleasures. This title offers the certainty of hope in a generation of skepticism. This title opens the Gateway to the New Jerusalem, which is My Immaculate Heart.”

“Dear children, if you are on the property today, it is because your Heavenly Mother has called you here and you have responded to My call.”

“Today, I promise to take each petition into My Immaculate Heart and to carry it back to Heaven with Me, and to present it to My Son, Who is listening.”

“Receive My favor to you today for coming here as I impart to you My Special Blessing.”