May 9, 2013
Feast of the Ascension
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Prayer overpowers evil and brings Truth to light. It is always so, that evil distorts Truth, compromises consciences and so, too, life situations. Evil forces make the news headlines every day. So heinous are some of the crimes that almost nothing is shocking any more. Hearts accept the presence of evil almost routinely.”

“I tell you solemnly, nothing outside of Holy Love is justifiable in My Eyes. Please understand, however, that My Mercy stands ready to pour out upon any repentant heart. Even the most depraved sinner is worthy of My Mercy.”

“Today, I come especially to ask that you pray that the Light of Truth* reveals evil wherever it lies hidden in darkness. Pray that evil is seen for what it is despite pretense. Pray that the evil that is in hearts is poured out into the light and dissolved in My Mercy.”

*The Holy Spirit is the Light of Truth.