July 24, 1999
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My sister, allow Me to offer you some thoughts on faith. Faith is like the rock, which is unmoving and unchanged as the tempest sweeps by it. It is like the nail that holds secure the frame of a house. The degree of faith in the heart when a prayer is offered is like the heat in an oven. The warmer the oven the more quickly and completely the bread is baked. The higher the degree of faith, the more quickly and completely a prayer is answered.”

“Faith is like gold which surrounds a great jewel, protecting it and revealing its splendor to the world. The gold is your faith, and the jewel your salvation. Faith is the path that leads you along the way of love with perseverance.”

“Without faith you are tossed about like the branches of a tree in a wind storm. Like the branch, your heart cannot settle or be at peace.”

“Faith is like the wind that supports a kite in the spring breeze. If the breeze stops, the kite (your soul) sinks to the ground.”

“Petition My Heart for faith. Always ask for a deeper faith. Faith, like love, can never be given in over-abundance.”

“My peace be with you.” He leaves.